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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery - Mojito the easy way!
Hmmm....... Do you remember how scrumptious a Mojito is; ice cold, a blast of mint and lime, that tingle only real cocktails have. MOJITO:CELLO has everything that’s great in a traditional mojito, but its tic tac toe easy....... there’s beauty in simplicity :)

To make a glass:

60mL Lemon:Cello
½ a Lime cut into wedges
1 sprig of Mint...... to taste (not all mint is created equal)
120mL of Sprite
Ice Cubes

The 1-2-3
Half fill tall glass with ice. Squeeze lime wedges over ice and add, clap mint (exactly as it sounds) and do the same. Add the Lemon:Cello, top with ice, fill with Sprite and stir with your straw...... done
Enjoy this Lemon:Cello tribute to a great!               ............... but always with friends

Lemon:Cello Spritzer
60mL of Lemon:Cello
120mL of Soda or Sparkling Water
2 Lemon Slices
Ice Cubes

Use a tall glass, add ice cubes, lemon slices, soda water and Lemon:Cello

Lemon:Cello Blush
30mL of Lemon:Cello
15mL of Cranberry Juice
2 Lemon Wheels
120mL of Sprite
Ice Cubes

Use a tall glass, add ice cubes. Layer with cranberry juice, Lemon:Cello, and Sprite. Add bling with a lemon wheel or two

Lemon:Cello Tutti Frutti - Champagne Cocktail
30mL of Lemon:Cello
120mL of Sparkling Wine
1Tbs of frozen Berries
Crushed Ice

Put a Tbs of crushed ice into a champagne flute, and top with frozen berries. Add Lemon:Cello, top with your favourite sparkling wine.

Lemon:Cello Mexico
30 mL of Lemon:Cello
30 mL of silver Tequila (white Tequila)
60 mL Pear Nectar
2 Lime Wedges
2 dashes of Maraschino Liqueur
Ice Cubes

Add ½ the ice cubes to a tall glass, add lime and mint (clap mint first - exactly as it sounds), add Lemon:Cello, Tequila, remaining ice and fill up with pear nectar.